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A Midnight Dance

A Midnight Dance - Lila DiPasqua A Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua is an erotic retelling of the historic fairy tale Cinderella. This book should appeal to all of Ms. DiPasqua’s current fans as well as anyone who enjoys their historical romance with a healthy dose of HOT sensuality.

I have been looking forward to reading this book for quite some time and it has been well worth the wait! I truly fell in love with Sabine and Jules. Of course there were a few hiccups along the way but I was thrilled with how they ended up.

Sabine is the responsible one in her family and due to circumstances must now find a way to support that family and keep them out of debtor’s prison or from starving on the streets. Enter Jules, Sabine’s Dark Prince that she has not seen in several years.

Jules used to be an “Aristo”, but due to his circumstances he also now needs money to get back to where he used to be before his father was “wrongly” accused of being a traitor.

Jules has found a way to get that money and has been working as a privateer for several years. He finally has the silver to get back the lands that were taken from his family and maybe clear his father’s good name. Sabine has also found a way to get the money for her family and it involves Jules’ silver.

As the plot goes back and forth as to who is going to wind up with the silver, Jules and Sabine find passion between them that is totally erotic and yet sweet at the same time.

I loved all of the supporting characters, well almost all of them. There is a villain or two thrown into the mix towards the end of the book but I thought it added a nice mystery element to the story.

I like how the story ended and was pleased to see how Jules dealt with the differences that he and Sabine thought they could never surmount. All in all a nicely told story and I am eagerly awaiting more from Lila!